Advisory Committee (AC)

Membership (July 2018)

Name Institution Expertise
Nancy Chanover New Mexico State University Planetary and satellite atmospheres
Ian Crossfield Massachusetts Institute of Technology Extrasolar planets
Marla Geha Yale University Dwarf galaxies; near-field cosmology
Mike Gladders University of Chicago Galaxy evolution; cosmology
Jenny Greene Princeton University Supermassive black holes & galaxy evolution
Jennifer Lotz Gemini Observatory Galaxy evolution
Jessica Lu University of California, Berkeley Star & planet formation; compact objects
Raffaella Margutti Northwestern University Astronomical transients
Michael Meyer University of Michigan Stars & exoplanets; instrumentation
Catherine (Caty) Pilachowski Indiana University Stars & stellar clusters
Tommaso Treu University of California, Los Angeles Cosmology; galaxy evolution
Alycia Weinberger Department of Terrestrial Magnetism,
Carnegie Institution of Washington
Planet formation; circumstellar disks
Mark Dickinson, ex-officio National Optical Astronomy Observatory Galaxy formation & evolution


Advise NOAO on scientific and programmatic issues concerning the development of a U.S. ELT Program for presentation to the next Astronomy & Astrophysics Decadal Survey (Astro 2020). These issues and associated committee activities may include:

The US-ELT-AC will have a chair appointed by NOAO, and will work closely with the NCOA US ELT Program team. The AC will meet regularly by telecon, and may optionally schedule face-to-face meetings.

Updated: 30 October 2018