GSMT Assembly

AURA New Initiatives Office

Segment Fabrication Workshop I

Tucson, Arizona
May 30-31, 2002


The AURA New Initiatives Office hosted a Workshop on Cost-Effective Fabrication of Mirror Segments, on May 30-31, 2002, in Tucson, Arizona.  The workshop brought together groups working on designs for Extremely Large Telescopes and potential mirror segment suppliers.  The main goals of the meeting were:

Workshop Attendees

If you wish to contact one of the attendees, their email address is listed.  To send an email, replace the "at" with "@" in your mail program.

Torben Andersen Lund Observatory torben.andersen at
David Anderson Rayleigh Optical Corporation
info at
Vilma Anderson
Rayleigh Optical Corporation
info at
Arne Ardeberg Lund Observatory arne at
Eli Atad UK Astronomy & Technology Centre  ea at
J.B. Barentine Brashear LP jbarentine at
Ray Carlberg University of Toronto carlberg at
Myung Cho AURA New Initiatives Office - mcho at
Dennis Crabtree NRC/HIA Dennis.Crabtree at
Larry Daggert NOAO Daggert at
Tom Farrell Goodrich thomas.farrell at
Eric Hansen AURA New Initiatives Office - ehansen at
Tim Hawarden UK Astronomy & Technology Centre tgh at,uk
Matt Johns Carnegie Observatories johns at
Ed Kibblewhite University of Chicago edk at
Buddy Martin Steward Observatory bmartin at
Stephen Martinek      4D Technology steve.martinek at
Gary Matthews Eastman Kodak Company gary.matthews at
Jerry Nelson University of California, Santa Cruz jnelson at
John Pazder NRC/HIA John.Pazder at
Scott Roberts NRC/HIA scott.roberts at
Larry Stepp AURA New Initiatives Office lstepp at
Mel Ulmer Northwestern University m-ulmer2 at
David Walker Univ. College London, Zeeko Ltd ddw at


May 30

Introduction  -  Eric Hansen
CELT update  -  Jerry Nelson
Carnegie Institute update  -  Matt Johns
XLT update  -  Scott Roberts
EUR050 update  -  Torben Anderson, Arne Ardeberg
Steward Observatory 20/20 update  -  Buddy Martin
NIO update  -  Larry Stepp
Kodak presentation  -  Gery Matthews
BrashearLP discussion  -  John Barentine
Rayleigh Optical presentation  -  David, Vilma Anderson
Goodrich discussion  -  Tom Farrell

May 31

Introduction  -  Eric Hansen
Replication Technology for Large Segmented Telescopes  -  Mel Ulmer
University of Chicago  -  Ed Kibblewhite
University of Arizona, Metrology for Segmented Optics-  Jim Burge
University of Arizona, Measurement of Aspherical Segments - Feenix Pan
UCL  -  David Walker
ELT Update  -  Eli Atad
OWL Concept Study   -  Tim Hawarden

Holly Novack  July 18, 2002