“Science with Giant Telescopes: Public Participation in TMT and GMT”

June 15-18, 2008

This page provides access to all the presentations made during the workshop. During the workshop, presentations alternated between panel discussions and science case presentations, but for convenience the panel discussion materials and the use case presentations are grouped together here.

Links to written science use cases, if provided by participants, are also listed after the the title of the talk.

Introductions and Status of Projects

Panel Discussions

Lessons Learned: Operating Modes and TACs: Moderator: Mario Mateo

Astronomy’s Changing Scientific Culture: Moderator: Ata Sarajedini

Evolution of “the System”: Moderator: Charles Bailyn

Public Participation: Planning and Instrumentation: Moderator – Doug Simons

Instrumentation and Partnership Opportunities

Wrap-up discussion

Science Use Case Presentations

Session 1:

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6