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Technical Studies: Wind Loading: Wind Test Result Animations

An animation scheme of the wind test results was developed for a total of 107 test cases. For each test case, three animation plots are displayed as follows:

Wind pressure distribution (pressure range = ± 10 Pascals)
Surface distortion map (range = ± 1.0 microns)
Resultant wind speed (range = 0 to 20 m/s)

The animations are the first 100 frames of the data (10 seconds at 10 samples per second). Regions in red on the wind pressure distribution represent positive values and in blue represent negative values. The optical surface distortions were calculated based on the wind pressure distribution by Finite Element Analysis. Regions in red on the surface distortion are higher than those in blue. The resultant wind speed was calculated at each anemometer locations. The wind speeds were animated for the five animation locations (+X, -X, -Y, M2, Dome).

The file name of the test case encodes the test setup and the conditions of the test. The first character identifies the test set depending on the test dates, test study cases, or test setups (24 or 32 pressure sensors). The following three numbers in the name indicate the azimuth orientation of the dome slit relative to the incoming wind direction. The next two numbers indicate the zenith angle of the telescope, and the final two letters indicate the status of the large vents on the side of the Gemini enclosure, the first letter indicating the upwind vent gate. So, for example, 04530oc indicates the telescope was pointing 45 degrees away from the wind in azimuth, was at a zenith angle of 30 degrees (elevation of 60 degrees), the upwind vent gate was open and the downwind vent gate was closed.

List of Animations

Ruth A. Kneale / / July 12, 2001