Site-Related Work Packages

Chile Site Testing (2004-2008)
Provide general support of the overall site testing and selection program, and provide a higher level of support for the part of the program carried out in Chile.
Study Contracts for Tolonchar Concession (2005)
  • Place a contract for the Linea Base that will be used as a reference baseline to the state of the mountain before construction and site testing begin.
  • Place a contract for the topographic study that is required by the Government of Chile to obtain the concession area for site testing on Cerro Tolonchar.
Tolonchar Road Construction (2005)
Place a contract on behalf of TMT for the construction of an access road to the summit of Cerro Tolonchar, install concrete bases for various TMT site testing equipment, and install a shipping container on site. Provide inspection of the road construction, progress review, and other management services of the construction contract. Place a contract with Ulises Cárdenas for archaeological services concurrent with the road contract.
Tolonchar Tower Modifications and Erection (2005)
Modify and erect tower on Tolonchar.
Topographic Surveys and Maps for Armazones and Tolar (2005-2006)
Prepare topographic maps of the summit areas of Cerros Armazones and Tolar for use in the site-specific studies of facilities at these two sites.
Fabrication of Alt-Az Mount for IRMA (2005-2006)
Fabricate the mount (at the CTIO mechanical shop in La Serena, Chile) for a precipitable water vapor monitor (PWV Monitor, radiometer) known as IRMA. IRMA was developed by Robin Phillips at the University of Lethbridge in Canada.
Quimal Road Construction Estimate (2006)
Obtain accurate cost estimate of constructing a road to access the Cerro Quimal summit.
Shipping SODAR Units (2006)
Pack and transport SODAR units to various sites in Chile.
Site Visit to Cerro Quimal by CONADI and Local Representatives (2006)
Cover costs associated with conducting a site visit for those leaders who are responsible for granting permission to TMT for deploying site testing equipment to the site.
Study Contracts for Quimal Concession (2006)
Oversee the preparation of a baseline study for future questions/decision relating to site testing impact on the mountain, and a topographic study of the area (required by the Chilean government.)
Topographic Surveys and Map for Cerro Tolonchar (2006)
Prepare topographic map of Cerro Tolonchar Summit for use in site-specific studies of facilities at the site.
Armazones and Tolonchar 30-m Towers (2006)
Erect and install weather towers with instrumentation at two sites.
Chile Site Concession and Construction Support (2006-2007)
Provide services to help TMT obtain site concessions and construction cost estimation in Chile.
Declaration of Environmental Impact for Cerro Armazones (2007)
Place and manage a contract on behalf of TMT for the preparation of a Declaration of Environmental Impact, including necessary studies and processing the studies through the Environmental Impact Evaluation System of CONAMA.