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ALMA + GSMT Meeting Presentations

A meeting was held July 9, 2001 in Washington, D.C. to discuss the ALMA and GSMT projects. The links below are to the presentations made at this meeting.

  1. ALMA + GSMT Meeting Summary
  2. Jets and Outflows from Young Stellar Objects by Luis Rodriguez
  3. Scientific and Observational Goals by John Carpenter
  4. Galaxy Formation and Evolution by Arjun Dey
  5. Deep Survey Science with ALMA/GSMT by Andrew Blain
  6. Looking forward to new telescopes and back to the dark ages by Jeremy Mould
  7. The Structure and Kinematic of Circumstellar Disks: Probing the Onset of Planet Formation by Michiel Hogerheijde
  8. Disks around Yound Stellar Objects by David Wilner
  9. Starbursts and AGNs, Near and Far by Min Yun
  10. Stellar Evolution, Mass Loss, and Galactic Chemical Enrichment by Jeff Valenti
  11. ALMA + GSMT Workshop by Stephen Strom

Ruth A. Kneale / / July 27, 2001