Giant Segmented Mirror Telescope

Science Working Group

March, 2003

GSMT Science Working Group

March 17-18 2003

The third Science Working Group meeting was held in Los Angeles at the Radisson Hotel on March 17-18, 2003.

Participants: Rolf Kudritzki, Steve Strom, Steve Ridgway, Terry Herter, Matthew Colless, Michael Bolte, Alan Dressler, Betsy Gillespie, Irene Cruz Gonzales, Brent Ellerbroek, Francois Rigaut, Ray Carlberg, Doug Simons, and Claire Max.

Observers/Presenters: Wayne van Citters, Masanori Iye, Chuck Steidel, Richard Ellis, Rich Dekany, Doug MacMartin, Steve Padin, Keith Taylor, George Djorgovski, Peter Gray, Matt Mountain, Bruce Macintosh, James Graham, Joe Miller, Jerry Nelson, Laird Thompson, Ed Kibblewhite, Mel Ulmer, Wendy Freedman, Roger Angel, Steve Shectman, and Matt Johns.

Meeting Minutes

Presentations are broken into three catagories: AO, Science, and ELT's

AO Presentations

Richard Dekany, Don Gavel, Jerry Nelson, Brian Bauman, Mitchell Troy, Bruce Macintosh, Matthew Britton, Gary Brack, Tuan Troung, California Institute of Technology,  Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, University of California, Santa Cruz, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, CELT Adaptive Optics Requirements and Development Program

Francois Riguat, Gemini Observatory, GSMT AO Simulations (.pdf file)

Francois Rigaut, Gemini Observatory, GSMT AO Simulations (.ppt file)

Brent Ellerbroek, Gemini Observatory, Simulating MCAO Wavefront Reconstruction for Extremely Large Telescopes: Performance Predictions and PSFs

Science Presentations

Betsy Gillespie, University of Arizona, The Birth and Assembly of Galaxies: the Case for a Large Ground-based Telescope

Matthew Colless, Ray Carlberg, Austrial National University and University of Toronto, Cosmology and Large Scale Structure: Science Case for the GSMT

Richard Ellis, California Institute of Technology, CELT: Scientific Opportunities

S. G. Djorgovski, G. Chanan, M. Schoeck, W. Skidmore, A. Walker et al., California Institute of Technology, UCI, NOAO/AURA, CELT Site Testing and Selection  (not presented)

Joan Najita, Steve Strom, NOAO, Gas in the Planet Formation Region of Disks: Diagnosing Where and When Planets Form During the Accretion Phase

Stephen Strom, Knut Olsen and Robert Blum, NOAO and CTIO, Star Formation in Massive Clusters

Joan Najita, Beatrice Mueller, Matt Mountain, Steve Strom, NOAO and Gemini Observatory, Characterizing Extra-Solar Planets

ELT Presentations

Jerry Nelson, University of California, Santa Cruz, The California Extremely Large Telescope

Wendy Freedman, Steve Shectman, Matt Johns, Roger Angel, Carnegie Observatories and the University of Arizona, Magellan 20m Project

Wendy Freedman, Steve Shectman, Matt Johns, Roger Angel, Carnegie Observatories and the University of Arizona, The Magellan 20 Telescope Science Goals

Terry Herter, Ed Kibblewhite, Cornell University and University of Chicago, The Large Aperture Telescope (LAT)

Holly Novack / / December 6, 2003