Giant Segmented Mirror Telescope

Science Working Group

February, 2004

GSMT Science Working Group

The fifth Science Working Group meeting was held in Honolulu, Hawaii at the Institute for Astronomy on February 12-13, 2004. The meeting was held in the Fern Room of the Institute for Astronomy.

Topics to be covered


Major Action Items from the meeting are:

Preparation of 2 page summaries of the JWST/GSMT comparisons presented in Honolulu.  To meet our goals of (1) discussing the material with our JWST counterparts and (2) having a draft white paper to discuss in May, with input received by March 15.  The presenters (Herter; Barton; Najita; Olsen, Strom) are responsible; other SWG members are asked to support the effort by providing critical feedback.


Giant Magellan Telescope Project

Science with the Magellan Telescope

Stellar Populations with GSMT and JWST

Origin and Evolution of Galaxies:  GSMT and JWST

Origin of Stellar and Sub-Stellar Mass Objects

Advancing GSMT SWG Recommendations: AURA's Proposal to the NSF

Understanding the Youngest Protostars

Frontier Science Enabled by a Giant Segmented Mirror Telescope

TMT: A Progress Report

Exosolar Giant Planet Science GSMT vs. JWST (pdf file)

Exosolar Giant Planet Science GSMT vs. JWST (ppt file)

Holly Novack / / February 19, 2004