Giant Segmented Mirror Telescope

Science Working Group

April, 2003

GSMT Science Working Group

The fourth Science Working Group meeting is to be held in Tucson, Arizona at the Marriott University Park Hotel on April 28-29, 2003.  The Marriott is located at:

880 E. 2nd Street
Tucson, AZ 85719
Phone: 520/792-4100
Fax: 520/882-4100

The meeting will be held in the Ventana Room of the Marriott Hotel, and will begin at 8:30 each day, and conclude at 5:00pm.  A continental breakfast will be available each morning, and lunch will be provided.  A block of sleeping rooms have been reserved.  After you have made your travel arrangements, please e-mail with your itinerary, and you will be advised of your confirmation number.  A dinner will be scheduled the first night of the meeting, and details of the time and place will be advised later.  Also, an agenda will be following later.



Plant Formation

The Kuiper Belt

ExtraSolar Planets

Galaxies and Gas in the Early Universe - a 3-D Baryon Map

GSMT Studies of Massive Black Hole SgrA* at the Galactic Center

GSMT Blackholes

Black Hole at the Galactic Center

The Origin of the Stellar Initial Mass Function

Building Galaxies

Building Galaxies 2

Stellar Populations

Stellar Popluation Resolutions

Gas in the Planet Formation Region of Disks: Diagnosing Where and When Planets Form During the Accretion Phase

Gravitational Lensing with 30m Class Telescopes

Characterizing Extra-Solar Planets

Galaxy Assembly in the Local Volume

Dark Energy and the Seeds of Galaxy Formation

Technology Development for ELTs

Semi Popular Screeds

Exploring Other Solar Systems

Building the Milky Way and Other Galaxies

The Origin of Large Scale Structure in the Universe









Holly Novack / / February 19, 2004