Design and Development Work Packages (FY 2005-FY 2007)

All NOAO funding for the work packages listed below was concluded at the beginning of January, 2007.

AO Analysis Simulation (2005-2007)
  • Develop and evaluate LGS wavefront sensing concepts for use with CW lasers, macro-micro pulse lasers, and short-pulse lasers;
  • Perform trade studies to evaluate NFIRAOS, MCAO, and MOAO performance as a function of AO parameters including the atmospheric turbulence profile, laser power and pulse format, order of wavefront-sensing and correction, field-of-view, guidestar star asterism, and deformable mirror (DM) conjugate altitudes;
  • Evaluate natural guide star (NGS) magnitude limits and sky coverage for AO systems employing near IR and visible NGS tip/tilt/focus (TTF) wavefront sensors.
Conceptual Design of the Secondary Mirror Assembly (2005); and Conceptual Design of the Tertiary Mirror Assembly (2005)
Efforts outlined in the two mirror assembly workpackages are the same, namely, to establish functional and detailed requirements, develop several design concepts and trade studies among these concepts, downselect to a single concept, prepare conceptual design documentation, prepare cost estimates for design, fabrication, integration and testing, and conduct the CoDR.
Fluid Dynamics Support to TMT Systems Engineering Group: Candidate Enclosure Design Aero-thermal Study (2005-2007)
Perform aero-thermal simulations for candidate enclosure design(s). Finalize document on wind loading of ground-based telescopes.
Laser Guide Star Facility (2005-2007)
Conduct a Conceptual Design Study of the TMT Laser Guide Star Facility (LGSF), in collaboration with the TMT Project Office. Provide support for Conceptual Design Review and Cost Review.
Mid-IR Echelle Spectrograph Initial Feasibility Study (2005)
Identify limiting technologies for the Mid-IR Echelle Spectrograph (MIRES), expected to be in the two areas of high-dispersion gratings and detectors. Outline development paths for those areas, including aspects where a realistic input of TMT funds would promote development. Investigate advantages and feasibility of packaging MIR AO system with the instrument.
MIRES Instrument Feasibility Study (2005-2006)
Develop the science cases for MIRES and flow down the science requirement to engineering requirement. Complete the trade studies of different technical approaches to maximize the science performance. Develop and document a strawman optical, mechanical and electronic design, as well as a basic software design for an instrument that will meet the MIRES requirements. In collaboration with the TMT Project Office, develop the MIRAO design. Develop a construction plan and cost for MIRES.
M1 Optical-Level of Effort Analysis and Group Leadership Support (2005)
Provide optical and structural analysis support as requested to support TMT project needs. The majority of this effort is directed at M1, or interface issues not connected to M2 or M3, which are covered under separate work. Provide Optics group management for TMT Project.
NOAO Systems Engineering Support (2005-2008)
Participate in conference calls and workshops on system design, requirements flowdown, interfaces, optics performance requirements, windshake and other topics in system engineering as required by TMT.
TMT Observatory Scientist Support (2005-2008)
Support effort of TMT Observatory Scientist, Observatory Science Requirements Development and flowdown, and preparation of construction proposal, including travel to complete this work.
TMT Telescope and Primary Mirror Control System Software—Conceptual Design Support (2005-2007)
Develop requirement documents, interface documents, conceptual designs and cost estimates for the TMT Telescope Control System Software, and the Primary Mirror Control System Software. Support the development of the TMT Common Software.
TMT Telescope Management (2006-2008)
Support effort of TMT Telescope Department Head.
TMT Telescope Optics Group Support (2006-2007)
Provide optical, mechanical, and structural design and analysis support. Define requirements for telescope optics. Develop conceptual designs for M2 and M3 systems. Support M1 SSA development. Support Optics Group Leader in monitoring subcontracts. Prepare conceptual design review documentation and presentations, cost reviews and SPIE presentations. Contribute travel costs associated with participation in the above activities.