Chapter 5

Chapter 5, Technical Studies

Section 5.1: Introduction

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As described in Chapter 1, Introduction, the AURA New Initiatives Office (NIO) is following three parallel paths: (1) developing a community consensus on science-based performance requirements; (2) identifying technical problems and potential solution paths by analysis of a point design; and (3) conducting technical studies that address the key challenges common to most concepts for extremely large telescopes (ELTs). Several of these latter studies are described in this section.

Other developments are also in progress. These include the conceptual design of instruments, the design of hierarchical control systems, and the development of models and tools to simulate end-to-end system performance of alternative GSMT designs.

In all our development efforts, we are committed to working closely with other ELT projects and establishing collaborations with other groups interested in solving the same problems. Likewise, the technology we develop will be made available to other groups that are developing concepts for ELTs.

March 2002