Chapter 1

List of Acronyms

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AASCAstronomy and Astrophysics Survey Committee
AATAnglo-Australian Telescope
ADC atmospheric dispersion compensator
AGN active galactic nuclei
ALMA Atacama Large Millimeter Array
AO adaptive optics
ARCAstronomy Research Consortium
ATST Advanced Technology Solar Telescope
ATT Advanced Technology Telescope
BTO beam transfer optics
CCDCharge-coupled device
CELTCalifornia Extremely Large Telescope
CfA Center for Astrophysics
CFD computational fluid dynamics
CIV corona inception voltage
CMBRCosmic Microwave Background Radiation
CMD color magnitude diagrams
COBE Cosmic Background Explorer
DCRdifferential chromatic refraction
DIMMdifferential image motion monitor
DMdeformable mirror
ELTextremely large telescope
ESOEuropean Southern Observatory
FOV field of view
FPGAsfield programmable gate arrays
FSRfree spectral range
FWHM full width half-maximum
GISGeographical Information Systems
GNIRSGemini near-infrared spectrograph
GOES Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite
GSMGeneralized Seeing Monitor
GSMTGiant Segmented Mirror Telescope
GTCGran Telescopio Canarias
HDFHubble Deep Field
HDRIhigh dynamic range imaging
HETHobby-Eberly Telescope
HIRES high resolution echelle spectrograph
IFTS imaging Fourier transform spectrographs
IFU integral field unit
IGM Intergalactic Medium
IMFinitial mass function
INAOEInstituto Nacional de Astrofísica, Óptica y Electrónica
ISM Interstellar Medium
KMF K-band luminosity function
LAMOSTLarge Aperture Multi-Object Spectroscopic Telescope
LBTLarge Binocular Telescope
LCRSLas Campanas Redshift Survey
LGSlaser guide star
LLT laser launch telescopes
LMT Large Millimeter Telescope
LSST Large-aperture Synoptic Survey Telescope
LVTDlinear variable differential transformer
MAP Microwave Anisotropy Probe
MASSmulti-aperture scintillation sensor
MCAO multi-conjugate adaptive optics
MEIFUmillion element integral field unit
MEMSMicro Electrical Mechanical Systems
MIHDASmid-IR high dispersion AO-fed spectrograph
MKMauna Kea
MMTMultiple Mirror Telescope
MOMFOS multi-object multi-fiber optical spectrograph
MRFmagneto-rheological finishing
NCEPNational Center for Environmental Protection
NGS natural guide star
NGST Next Generation Space Telescope
NICMOS near-infrared camera and multi-object spectrometer
NIFNational Ignition Facility
NIFSnear-infrared integral-field spectrograph
NIONew Initiatives Office
NIRDIFnear-infrared deployable integral field spectrograph
NIrES near infra-red echelle spectrograph
OPDoptical path difference
OSIRISOH suppressing infrared imaging spectrograph
OWLoverwhelmingly large telescope
PMSpre-main sequence
PSDpower spectral density
PSFpoint spread function
PWVprecipitable water vapor
QSO quasi-stellar object
RMS root mean square
RSS root sum squares
SALTSouthern African Large Telescope
SBIGSanta Barbara Instrument Group
SCIDARScintillation Detection and Ranging
SDSSSloan Digital Sky Survey
SEDspectral energy distribution
SIRFT Space Infrared Telescope Facility
SKASquare Kilometer Array
SODARSonic Detection and Ranging
SPIFFI spectrometer for infrared fiber-fed field imaging
SSCsuper star clusters
TIMMexican Infrared-Optical Telescope
TPFTerrestrial Planet Finder
UHUniversity of Hawai'i
UKIRTUnited Kingdom Infrared Telescope
UNAMUniversidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
VLTvery large telescope
VPHvolume-phase holographic
WFS Wide-Field Survey (in science-oriented material)
WFSwavefront sensor

March 2002