AURA has established a committee of national stakeholders to work with NOAO on developing a vision for its role within the US O/IR System over the next decade. Its purpose will be to review the full scope of roles for the national observatory that includes the elements of system development recommended by the Senior Review, the interfaces with Gemini and LSST, and with future Extremely Large Telescopes. AURA will provide various documents related to the overall system including reports from the ReSTAR and ALTAIR committees and GSMT frame of reference documents. NOAO will also provide its own vision of a long range plan.

The Committee is expected to review and discuss these existing inputs, seek additional input and synthesize an overall description of the Future of NOAO and the roles it should play. AURA intends that this document be vetted with the community in some broader forum and be provided to the Decadal Survey during the second quarter of 2009.

Committee Members