Program for Research and Education with Small Telescopes (PREST)

Observatory Telescopes Community Access Capabilities Application Due Dates Time Allocation Contact
Mount Laguna Observatory 1m and 0.6m direct imager, photoelect photometer Paul Etzel
Lowell Observatory Perkins 1.8m 17% research time available to astronomical community PRISM, a wide-field optical imager, polarimeter and spectrometer Feb. 1, May 1, Aug. 1, Nov. 1 Ken Janes
Michigan State University Observatory 0.6m 20% research time available to astronomical comunity BVI imaging and differential photometry by arrangement Horace Smith
UNC (PROMPT) six 0.4m robotic 10% time available through peer evaluation to astronomical community; 30% time available to local consortia institutions Optical and NIR imaging and optical polarimetry Daniel Reichart
FHIRE 1.3m Caty Pilachowski
Ritter Observatory, University of Toledo 1.1m 25% research time available to community, Service observing; hands on training of visiting grad, undergrad students; public data archive Two fiber-fed spectrographs, low-resolution (R = 6,000) and high-resolution (R = 26,000) Aplications accepted any time Nancy Morrison