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The zBootes is a z-band imaging survey covering 7.62 square degrees of the NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey (NDWFS) survey area. Images were obtained in 2005 using the Steward 2.3m Bok telescope and the 90Prime imager. The zBootes catalog comprises more than 200,000 objects. The images should be sensitive to L* galaxies out z ~ 1. The data have many possible applications including searching for and characterizing high-redshift quasars and brown dwarfs. Also, the photometric measurements provide added constraints to photometric redshift determinations of galaxies and active galaxies to moderate redshifts and will add to the existing wealth of multi-wavelength observations available in the NDWFS Bootes field. Data products include the reduced and stacked survey images, and an object catalogue. Over the years extensive follow-up observations have been obtained of the NDWFS survey area by other ground-based surveys and space-based observational programs.

zBootes at a Glance

PI(s) Richard Cool
Years of Observation 2005-2005
Area covered: 7.6 sq. degrees contiguous within a 3 x 3 degree patch
Field Center: 14h 30m 05.71s +34h 16m 47.5s (J2000)
Bands z
Median Depth (5σ) 23.77
Median Seeing 1.6 arcsec
Number of images 42