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Infrared Bootes Imaging Survey


The Infrared Bootes Imaging Survey is a near-infrared imaging survey covering the entire Spitzer Deep Wide-Field Survey (SDWFS) region, which corresponds to the Bootes field of the NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey (NDWFS). Over the years extensive follow-up observations have been obtained of the NDWFS survey area by other ground-based surveys and space-based observational programs. The data available are images of 52 subfields that together span the region, and that overlap with one another by roughly 2 arcmin on each side. We provide both the final reduced images and J-band selected, line matched catalogs for all subfields. Along with these images, we also provide weight maps from the SWARP software, and flag images denoting regions with poor data.

The catalogs provide all basic astrometric, photometric, and shape information, including magnitudes within a series of 13 apertures ranging in diameter from 1-20 arcsec. We also use a curve of growth analysis for bright stars in each field to compute an estimate of the correction necessary to convert to total magnitude for each aperture. These values, which are not applied to the catalog, are included at the end of the catalog headers.

IRBootes at a Glance

PI(s) Anthony Gonzalez
Proposal ID 2008A-0038
Years of Observation 2008-2009
Area covered: 7 sq. degrees contiguous within a 3 x 3 degree patch
Field Center: 14h 30m 05.71s +34h 16m 47.5s (J2000)
Bands J, H, KS
Median Depth (5σ) (J, H, KS) = (22.4, 21.4, 20.1)
Median Seeing (J, H, KS) = (1.4, 1.2, 1.4) arcsec
Number of images 52 fields in 3 bands