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First Look Survey


The First-Look Survey (FLS) comprises R-band images covering more than 11 square degrees of sky that were obtained in preparation for the Spitzer Space Telescope First-Look Survey. The FLS was designed to characterize the mid-infrared sky at depths 2 orders of magnitude deeper than previous surveys. The extragalactic component is the first cosmological survey done with Spitzer. The R-band images were obtained using the Mosaic-1 camera on the 4 m Mayall Telescope of the Kitt Peak National Observatory. Two relatively large regions of the sky were observed to modest depth: the main FLS extragalactic field (17h 18m 00s, +59° 30’ 00.0’’ [J2000]; l = 88.3, b = +34.9) and the ELAIS-N1 field (16h 10m 01s, +54° 30’ 36.0’’ l = 84.2, b = +44.9). While both these fields were in early plans for the FLS, only a single deep-pointing test observation was made at the ELAIS-N1 location.

FLS at a Glance

PI(s) Buell Jannuzi
Area Covered: 11 sq. degrees at 17h 18m 00s, +59° 30' 00.0"
Band R
Depth (5σ) 25.6 (median)
Seeing 1.1 arcsec (median)
Number of images 32