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FLAMINGOS Extragalactic Survey


The FLAMINGOS Extragalactic Survey (FLAMEX) is a deep, near-infrared imaging survey covering 7.1 square degrees within the NOAO Deep Wide-Feld Survey (NDWFS) regions. Over the years extensive follow-up observations have been obtained of the NDWFS survey area by other ground-based surveys and space-based observational programs. FLAMEX was the first such deep, wide-area survey to image in both the J and Ks filters, and at the time was larger than any previous NIR surveys to comparable depth. The intent of FLAMEX was to facilitate study of galaxy and galaxy cluster evolution at z=1-2 by providing rest-frame optical photometry for the massive galaxy population at this epoch. In particular, identification of a statistical sample of galaxy clusters at z > 1 was a central goal. Additionally, this data set complements the other multiwavelength efforts in the field and can be used for a wide range of science. For example, the NIR data bridge the gap between optical and IRAC data sets, and facilitate improved photometric redshift estimation. This survey was supported through the NOAO Large Survey Program, and all catalogs are publicly accessible.

FLAMEX at a Glance

PI(s) Anthony Gonzalez
Proposal ID 2001B-0029
Years of Observation 2001-2004
Area covered: 7.1 sq. degrees contiguous within a 3 x 3 degree patch
Field Center: 14h 30m 05.71s +34h 16m 47.5s (J2000)
Bands J, KS
Median Depth (5σ) (J, KS) = (21.9, 20.6)
Median Seeing (J, KS) = (2.0, 1.9) arcsec
Number of images 82