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1 Origins of Solar System objects (Luu and Elliot)

   	James Elliot         Massachusetts Institute of Technology
   	Jane Luu             Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
   	Phil Nicholson       Cornell University
   	John Spencer         Lowell Observatory

2 Extrasolar planets/brown dwarfs/faint white dwarfs (Liebert and Reid)

   	James Liebert        University of Arizona
   	Neill Reid           California Institute of Technology
   	Chuck Claver         National Optical Astronomy Observatories
   	Chris Clemens        California Institute of Technology
   	Todd Henry           Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
   	Ted von Hippel       University of Wisconsin
3 High resolution studies of stars (Dupree and Sneden)

   	Andrea Dupree        Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
   	Christopher Sneden   University of Texas
   	Mark Giampapa        National Optical Astronomy Observatories
   	Douglas Gies         Georgia State University
   	Artie Hatzes         University of Texas
   	Larry Ramsey         Pennsylvania State University
   	Dimitar Sasselov     Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
4 Young stellar objects and physics of star formation (Strom and Lada)

   	Charles Lada         Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
   	Stephen Strom        University of Massachusetts
   	Michael Meyer        University of Arizona
   	Joan Najita          Harvard University
   	Bruce Wilking        University of Missouri-St. Louis
   	Erick Young          University of Arizona
5 Star formation and other activity in nearby galaxies (Kennicutt and Soifer)

   	Robert Kennicut      University of Arizona
   	B T Soifer           California Institute of Technology
   	Jay Elias            National Optical Astronomy Observatories
   	Joseph Shields       Ohio University
   	Sylvain Veilleux     University of Maryland
   	Dennis Zaritsky      University of California at Santa Cruz
6 Stellar populations in nearby galaxies (Carney and Freeman)

   	Bruce Carney         University of North Carolina
   	Kenneth Freeman      The Australian National University
   	Taft Armandroff      National Optical Astronomy Observatories
   	Heather Morrison     Case Western Reserve University
   	Mike Rich            Columbia University
   	Ata Sarajedini       San Francisco State University
7 Galaxy formation and evolution (Elston)

   	Richard Elston       University of Florida
   	Matt Bershady        University of Wisconsin at Madison
   	Jane Charlton        Pennsylvania State University
   	Ruth Daly            Princeton University
   	Arjun Dey            National Optical Astronomy Observatories
8 Large scale structure/Cosmology (Strauss and Rix)

   	Hans-Walter Rix      University of Arizona
   	Michael Strauss      Princeton University
   	Raymond Carlberg     University of Toronto
   	Kenneth Lanzetta     State University of New York
   	Tod Lauer            National Optical Astronomy Observatories
   	Ann Zabludoff        University of California at Santa Cruz

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