Abu Sample Data

This page presents sample data taken at the South Pole with Abu, as well as the bad pixel mask.

Full frame mask image showing the array defects. Note the bad regions around the corners of the frame as well as the bad pixels off center. On the sky, North is to the left and East is down. This image is available in FITS format.

NGC6334 NE through the PAH filter (3.3 microns), 111 minute composite (07/08/98).

NGC6334 SW through the PAH filter (3.3 microns), 120 minute composite (29/07/98).

NGC6334 SW with the L filter, 120 minute composite (11/08/98).

30 Doradus taken with the L filter, 555 minute (9.25 hour) composite (06/07, 25/07 and 29/07/98).

False color version of the same image, showing the full frame and the effect of the bad pixel regions.

30 Doradus color composite (L = red, K = green, and H = blue), using the above South Pole 555 minute L image, and K and H images from CTIO courtesy of Darren Depoy (OSU).

Negative greyscale of the central region of the South Pole L image after enhancement to improve the resolution.

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Updated: 26Oct1998