Wednesday, November 30 2011
.2M new

This is Mike Reed's fast photometry device - Skip and BB are familiar with mounting/running this instrument. If I remember correctly, it mounts onto the Gold Guider box, and they do use the guider, but I don't recall whether it mounts with the guider at pa 90 or 270. If it is at 90, you probably have to pick "GCAM" as the instrument, if it is at 270, you probably have to pick "DIR" as the instrument, to get the GSC search to work, and find stars in the guider field. One or two of the team have observed at the 2m before, but as yet I don't know who will be here for this run. It will be desirable to have OA support, please. I don't know whether it will be necessary to remind the observer about the lower shutter issues and procedures. Sometimes this team observes to high airmass - or their target may be at such an airmass that it is desirable to lift the lower shutter from the outset.

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