Nightly Observing Program
March 2017
NOP: *Ali, Alexandria, Jonathan
NOP: *Alexandria, Remco, Sara,Johnathan
NOP: *Roy, Lucas, Alexandria, Remco
NOP: *Carmen, Jonathan,Alexandria
*Carmen, Johnathan, Sara, Remco
NOP: Robert, Johnathan
Start Daylight Savings Time
NOP: *Remco, Jonathan, David
NOP: *Remco, Johnanthan,Sara, Ali
NOP: *Roy, Johnanthan, Philip, Sara
NOP: *Roy, Johnanthan, Sara, Remco
NOP: *Carmen, Sara, Jonathan,Ali
*Remco, Johnathan, Philip
St. Patrick's Day
DSD: Sara
Need 4th Guide
NOP: Robert, Alexandria, Johnathan
DSD: Andy
DSD: Sara
NOP: *Remco, Alexandria, Jonathan, David
NOP: *Alexandria, Remco, Sara
DSD: Philip
DSD: Sara
NOP: *Roy, Alexandria, Philip
DSD: Canceled
NOP: *Roy, Johnanthan, Alexandria
Alexandria Dorm 4-3
Alexandria V/DSLR 20" RC, Mary Favaro,2 guests, 1 room.
DSD: Jim
NOP: *Remco, Carmen, Jonathan
*Carmen, Johnathan, Philip
DSD: Remco
Remco Dorm 4-3
Roy Rc 20 after NOP
Casey: RC 20 after NOP (images for class next week)
DSD: Casey
Kevin V/DSLR 20" RC,Tessa Sattler,2 guests, 1 room**CANCELED**
NOP: Robert, Alexandria, Johnathan, Andy
Remco Dorm 4-3
Remco V/DSLR 16" ROR,Jessica Gade,2 guests, 1 room
DSD: Sara
John Dorm 4-3
John V/DSLR 20" RC, William Sidebottom,2 guests,1 room.
NOP: *Alexandria, Jonathan, Dean
Alexandria - V/DSLR 16" ROR,Igor Bluestein,2 guests, 1 room.
Alexandria Dorm 4-3
Andy Visual Only 20" RC,Lauren Tanner,4 guests rooms.**CANCELLED**
NOP: *Remco, Sara, Johnanthan
DSD: Sara
NOP: *Roy, Johnanthan, Philip
Remco Dorm 4-3
Remco V/DSLR 20" RC,Karen Kleeper,2 guests, 1 room
NOP: *Roy, Lucas, Alexandria
DSD: Sara
Roy RC 20 after NOP
DSD: Sara
NOP: *Lucas, Carmen, Jonathan,Alexandria
Intro Astro Workshop
*Alexandria, Johnathan, Philip
AOP House (Casey and Guide students of Workshop)
DSD: Alexandria
Jim Dorm 4-3
Jim V/DSLR 20" RC, Ruben Salinas,2 guests, 1 room.
Intro Astro Workshop
NOP: Robert, Alexandria, Johnathan
AOP House (Guide students of Workshop)
dorm 43, Casey
Intro Astro Workshop
NOP: *Ali, Alexandria, Jonathan
John 20" RC after NOP
John Dorm 4-3
Andy 20" RC Visual, Ronald Cocchiarella,2 guests,1 room.
Andy Dorm 4-3
NOP: *Alexandria, Remco, Sara, Johnanthan
NOP: *Roy, Lucas, Johnanthan,Sara
NOP: *Roy, Lucas, Alexandria,Sara
NOP: *Lucas, Carmen, Jonathan
*Carmen, Johnathan, Philip
NOP: Robert, Johnathan, Roy
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