Thursday, November 12 2015
2:00pm - 3:00pm
Fang Fang (LASP/CU)

Magnetic Flux Emergence at Varying Scales
Magnetic flux emergence is ubiquitous over the Sun from the interior convection zone into the corona, producing a hierarchy of magnetic structures of varying temporal and spatial scales. Here we will discuss the results of simulations of magnetic flux emergence over varying scales. The active-region-scale simulation of flux emergence demonstrates how a subsurface magnetic structure produces a compact delta-spots on the photosphere with complex coronal field configuration. The simulated delta-spots exhibit properties similar to observed, such as the curvilinear path of the delta-spots around one another, shearing and rotating motions, as well as the highly compressed magnetic fields at the polarity inversion line. To a much smaller scale, flux emergence into pre-existing ambient fields produces eruption of jets in the corona, driving mass outward with the untwisting field lines with a rotating speed of 20 km/s. At a later phase, continuing reconnection leads to the occurrence of twin jets simultaneously, similar to an observed AIA event.

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