The Kitt Peak Virtual Tour


The following list of telescopes comprising Kitt Peak National Observatory includes links to those sites included on the Kitt Peak Virtual Tour.

Kitt Peak National Observatory
1. 4-meter Mayall
2. 2.1-meter
3. 0.9-meter Coudé Feed
4. 1.3-meter
5. 0.9-meter
6. 0.4-meter (Visitor Center)
National Solar Observatory
7. 2-meter McMath-Pierce (main heliostat)
8. 0.9-meter McMath-Pierce (east auxiliary heliostat)
9. 0.9-meter McMath-Pierce (west auxiliary heliostat)
10. 0.7-meter Kitt Peak Vacuum
11. 0.1-meter Razdow
WIYN Observatory (Wisconsin Indiana Yale & NOAO)
12. 3.5-meter
National Radio Astronomy Observatory
13. 12-meter
14. 25-meter VLBA (Very Long Baseline Array)
Case Western Reserve University Observatory
15. 0.6-meter Burrell Schmidt
Edgar O. Smith Observatory
16. 1.2-meter Calypso
MDM Observatory (Michigan Dartmouth & MIT)
17. 1.3-meter McGraw Hill
18. 2.4-meter Hiltner
MIT/NASA Observatory
19. 0.18-meter ETC/RMT (Explosive Transient Camera/Rapidly Moving Telescope)
SARA Observatory (Southeastern Association for Research in Astronomy)
20. 0.9-meter
Steward Observatory (University of Arizona)
21. 2.3-meter Bok Reflector
22. 0.9-meter Spacewatch
23. 1.8-meter Spacewatch
WHAM (Wisconsin Hydrogen Alpha Mapping)
24. 0.6-meter
Note: 1.0 meter = 39.37 inches


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