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The National Science Foundation's Kitt Peak National Observatory is the first national observatory of the United States and has the world's largest collection of optical telescopes.

Located about 56 miles southwest of Tucson, Arizona, on the Tohono O'odham Reservation in the Sonoran Desert, over 500 visiting astronomers from throughout the United States and many foreign countries use these facilities to carry out their research in a typical year.

This tour presents the history and scientific achievements of Kitt Peak, as well as the beauty of the mountain. There are engaging astronomical images and explanations of research programs conducted at the observatory.

All you will need for this virtual tour is an interest in astronomy and time to explore.

There are several methods for navigating the tour.

  • Continue The Tour and you'll make every stop along the way
  • Tour Itinerary provides a menu of all the Kitt Peak telescopes
  • Clickable Map is an interactive diagram of the mountain top
  • Aerial View offers a perspective from above the summit with hotlinks

Some tour stops are so plentiful that you will discover an additional menu of related topics located in the upper left corner of the page.

If you require additional information about Kitt Peak or any of the telescopes, there is an extensive list of Web Resources.

And after taking the virtual tour, please consider visiting Kitt Peak National Observatory.


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The Kitt Peak Virtual Tour was designed by Rick Donahue, a teacher from Eastchester Middle School and 1998 participant in the NSF-funded RBSE Teacher Enhancement Program at NOAO. Panoramic images provided by Mark Hanna in the NOAO Photo Imaging Lab.

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