Mark Newhouse

Senior Web Developer, Education & Public Outreach

Mark is a big proponent of life-long learning. When he went to school, even through college, there was no such thing as a career in Web Design, but it has kept Mark out of trouble for the last 24 years! Keep learning, even about things that do not relate to your chosen profession. Who knows what new career opportunities will present themselves in the next ten years? If you are interested and motivated enough, you may find yourself in a job that no one had envisioned while you were in school.

Contact Information

Phone: 520-318-8142
Mark’s CV

Mark with Jeffrey Zeldman and Carrie Bickner, rehearsing for Web Design World, Seattle.

Mark talks to some conference-goers after his presentation in Seattle.

Mark Newhouse has been designing for the web since 1995, and for the last 20 years has served as NOAO’s Web Designer/Developer.

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