Katy Garmany

Associate Scientist; Sr. Science Education Specialist

Katy’s scientific interest has focused on massive stars, their evolution and environment. In recent years she has turned to science education, first as Director of Fiske Planetarium and Sommers-Bausch Observatory at the U. of Colorado, then as Director of an innovative college level astronomy semester run by Colombia University at Biosphere 2 in Arizona, and since 2004 as a science educator at NOAO. She has managed the teacher research-based science education program at NOAO, taught elementary astronomy at Tohono O’odham Community College in Sells, the nearest community to Kitt Peak National Observatory, and served as the Editor of the NOAO Newsletter. She is currently deputy Press Officer at NOAO. She is a past President of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.

Contact Information

Phone: 520-318-8526
Katy’s CV

Aaron Gundy, 1st place winner in astronomy/physics at SARSEF, with mentor Katy Garmany

Katy Garmany is a Senior Science Education Specialist in the Office of Education and Public Outreach at NOAO.

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