Connie Walker


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Phone: 520-318-8535

Dr. Connie Walker is a Scientist at NOAO who specializes in education and public outreach (EPO). Since 2001, she has managed several programs for the public, students and teachers on hands-on general astronomy, dark skies preservation, optics and solar research. In particular, she conducts professional development for educators, develops curricula and kits for informal and formal science education programs and convenes a variety of conference sessions and workshops. Connie supervises university students trained to support NOAO’s EPO programs, as well as Research Experiences for Undergraduate students in studies on light pollution. Dr. Walker is an officer on the Boards of Directors for the Astronomical Society of the Pacific and the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA), as well as the International Astronomical Union’s commission on light pollution. A highlight of her job is directing the popular international light pollution tracking campaign, Globe at Night ( For her efforts in bringing dark skies awareness to the public, Connie won IDA’s Hoag-Robinson award in 2011.

Interview in Explore Optics magazine. [201 KB jpg]

Connie Walker is a Scientist in the NOAO Office of Education and Public Outreach.