Images from the KPNO 0.9m Telescope:

Opened in March 1960, the National Science Foundation's 0.9-meter telescope was the first major telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory. After 41 years of service to NOAO, operations of the 0.9m were transfered to the WIYN consortium in February 2001. Despite its relatively small aperture, the 0.9m is a popular instrument because of its large field of view. This website recalls the history of the 0.9m, with a virtual tour, a pictoral description of a typical night at the telescope, a gallery of images taken with the 0.9m, and anecdotes from some of the many astronomers who have observed with this remarkable instrument. You may click on any image to see an enlarged version.

An Anecdotal History of the 0.9m:

This page is under construction. It will contain an anectodal history of the telescope, including images, stories and science highlights. If you are a previous observer of the KPNO 0.9m and have an image you would like to contribute an image, a notable scientific highlight, or stories of memorable experiences of observing at the 0.9m telescope please contact us at

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