NOAO System Technology Center



A partnership between
National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO) and
Cornell University

NOAO's copy is called TripleSpec4 because it is the fourth edition of the instrument to be built.

System Engineering and Design

TripleSpec will be an efficient, moderate-resolution, near-infrared spectrograph for the Blanco 4-m telescope. It will be built in close partnership with the Department of Astronomy at Cornell University, which has already built a version of this instrument that is deployed at the Hale 200-in (5-m) telescope on Palomar Mountain and on the ARC 3.5-m telescope.

Another copy of the instrument is being built by CalTech for the Keck Observatory. TripleSpec was originally designed to be readily adaptable to different telescopes.

Status (updated April 30, 2012): TripleSpec4 passed an internal cost and planning review on March 13, 2012. The review helped clarify the contribution that will be needed from NOAO's base budget to complete the project, and identified a few areas where additional contingency and planning detail were needed. NOAO and Cornell are now negotiating the final terms of the construction contract to carry the project through to completion, which is targeted for mid-2015. NOAO is also ordering the Hawaii-2RG detectors from Teledyne Imaging Systems, which have a long lead-time. Cornell will be engaging Dr. John Wilson of the University of Virginia as a subcontractor to assist with the optical detailing and procurement. Dr. Terry Herter of Cornell and Dr. Wilson are already working on preparing requests for formal bids from optics vendors.