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Mosaic-1 Upgrade

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New CCDs arrived on 3/26/10 - the e2v CCD44-82 detectors with a 2-layer AR coating have arrived. Click here for plot of QE performance

First Light has been achieved! For information and photos click HERE.

The Mosaic-1 upgrade project has the primary objective of replacing the aging (and obsolete) CCD controllers with modern MONSOON Torrent controllers, and to replace the detectors with e2v CCD44-82 CCDs to improve observing efficiency (faster readout times) and performance (read noise). Beyond these objectives, the requirements of the project are that the imaging performance must not be degraded, the instrument must use the same mechanical interface and ancillary equipment (filters, corrector, ADC, etc.), and the resulting data files must be compatible with the existing NOAO science data archive. Upgrading the controllers and detectors will provide the potential for several performance and operational enhancements beyond the scope of the requirements and these will be completed as the resources and schedule allow.