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Where is MONSOON Now?

MONSOON is getting substantial telescope time. NEWFIRM, which was on the Mayall 4M telescope on Kitt Peak, is now at CTIO for use on the Blanco 4M telescope. WHIRC and the Bench Spectrograph, which are on the WIYN telescope, use a major part of the observing time. The CTIO 1.5M Echelle Spectrograph Detector Controller Upgrade is on the telescope with a readout time improvement of 5x. Another chip for the 1.5M Echelle is due in late 2010 that will upgrade that project. We have provided another chassis for the testing and setup of that chip. The North Mosaic imager was upgraded in Tucson to provide new CCDs. A new MONSOON controller will replace the older ARCON controllers. The new controller will improve both readout time and reliability while the new CCDs will provide better imaging. For more information on the upgraded Mosaic please see:

Who is Using MONSOON?

MONSOON systems are popular; currently being used on the WIYN telescope on Kitt Peak, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Spain's Physics for the Accelerating Universe (PAU) just to name a few. For a complete list, click the MONSOON's Collaborators link above.


MONSOON, The Next Generation

There is a new, improved, version of MONSOON, Torrent, which is in the final construction and testing stage. Once complete Torrent will go on both the MOSAIC and 1.5M Echelle. For more information on Torrent, click here.

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