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Graduate Student Information Form

Deadline: 11:59pm MST, 31 March 2020

Instructions: Any NSF OIR Lab proposal marked as a "Thesis" proposal must be accompanied by a completed version of this web-based Thesis Letter Form. "Thesis" proposals are those where the observations requested by the proposal will constitute a significant fraction of the thesis research.

In addition, any proposal for which the PI is a graduate student must include this form, whether or not the proposal is related to the student's thesis project.

Travel and on-site expenses of graduate students at U.S. institutions observing as part of a Ph.D thesis program at Gemini Observatory, KPNO, CTIO, or at private observatories through community-access programs, will be paid by NSF OIR Lab. To qualify, the proposal must be designated as a thesis at the time the proposal is submitted, and the student's faculty advisor must fill out this web-based form verifying that the observations are part of a thesis, citing the student's qualifications to complete the observational program, and describing how the observations fit into the overall thesis plan. Late submissions will not be considered for funding support, and any proposals without an accompanying completed "Thesis Letter" form will not be considered as Thesis proposals by the TAC. This form must be filled out by the advisor.

For further information regarding "Thesis" proposals or proposals by graduate students, please see http://www.noao.edu/noaoprop/help/policies.html#grads

Please enter the proposal number (returned in acknowledgment email after submission) in the field below. Please wait until the proposal has been submitted and a proposal number has been assigned before submitting this form. Thesis forms with an incorrect or missing proposal ID number will not be properly attached to a proposal for viewing by the TAC.

Proposal Number: 2020B- (4-digit #)      

Title of proposal:

P.I. of proposal:

Name of thesis student:

Student's PhD-granting institution:

Name of Advisor:

Advisor's e-mail address:

Number of years spent in grad school:

Expected year of PhD:

Brief description of thesis plan (<100 words):

Significance of proposed observations to the thesis:

Is the student capable of carrying out the proposed observations alone?

Student's past observing experience:

Has this thesis already been started using time granted through NSF OIR Lab?
If yes, then please (a) list prior proposal number(s); (b) provide a brief update on outcome of past runs

How many total observing runs/nights are expected to complete this thesis?

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