How to Use NOAO's Web Proposal Form

How to Use NOAO's Web Proposal Form

We provide four options for proposal submission:

General Comments

There are several common action buttons on each Web page. Each of these buttons will save the current information entered on that page before proceeding.

LaTeX's Role in your Proposal

LaTeX still plays an important role in the NOAO proposal process. Besides being a common link between the Web and email submission process, LaTeX also provides the investigator with authoring tools such as special characters, symbols, and formatted equations and, equally as important, produces a nice looking document for the Panel Review Committees and Telescope Allocation Committee (TAC) to read for reviewing/grading. Thus, the information that is entered on the various pages of the Web proposal form will be used to construct a LaTeX proposal, similar to one that is returned to you via the "Email LaTeX File" button on the Web proposal form.

Some LaTeX-related things to keep in mind while editing your Web-based proposal include:


Up to three figures (and up to two figure files per figure) may be submitted with your proposal. The figure files must be well-formed Encapsulated PostScript files. If you are using the Web form for submission the figure files must be "attached" files, a feature of Netscape 2.0 or later compatible browsers. (It may not be practical to "attach" figure files that are larger than 1 Mb.) If you do not have the "attach" option with your browser and your proposal will contain figures, then please do not submit your proposal via the Web form. We do not have any way to handle a "mixed" (both email and Web) submission. However, you can prepare your proposal using the Web-based form, have the LaTeX version emailed back to you when it is done, edit the LaTeX form entering the appropriate figure information, and then submit through the email submission process. Email submission instructions for both template file and figures are in the LaTeX template.

Some hints for figure submission using the Web form are noted below.

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