NOAO Web Observing Proposal - Targets

NOAO Web Observing Proposal


Target tables are specially formatted tables available through the Web form ("Enter Tables" button) and/or through the LaTeX template. These tables are required for any queue or service runs.

Information requested in target tables

The fields in the target tables include:

  Object ID            queue: specify a unique 3-digit number for each target
  Object               20 characters maximum
  RA                   e.g., xx:xx:xx.x
  DEC                  e.g., +-xx:xx:xx.x
  Epoch                e.g., 1950.3
  Exposure time        in seconds PER EXPOSURE
  Number of exposures
  Days from new moon   use a number 0-14
  Sky condition        use "spec" or "phot"
  Seeing               max allowable PSF FWHM (arcsecs)
  Comment              20 characters maximum

Entering targets

Targets may be entered through the Web form or the LaTeX template.

Each target table generated through the Web form is restricted to 50 targets, but each run can have multiple target tables.

Targets can be typed directly into the target table or a list of targets can be uploaded through the Web form using an ASCII-formatted file. The uploaded file contains the target name (20 characters max.), epoch and the RA and DEC (+-xx:xx:xx.x) in a tab-separated list. For example:

NGC 4151	B1950	12:08:01.1	39:41:02
NGC 7027	B1950	21:05:09	42:02:03
L183	B1950	15:51:35.7	-02:40:54
Once the targets have been uploaded into the target table the user can edit the table entering the remaining required information.

Computing exposure times and overhead

Each of the telescopes/instruments that require target tables asks for exposure time estimates in the target table. How the exposure times are computed vary with the telescope/instrument requested so please review this information carefully for each run before completing the target tables. The times should be in units of seconds.