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NSF's NOIRLab Observing Proposal Form

Welcome to the NSF's NOIRLab's observing proposal Web form. This form can be used to apply for time at Kitt Peak National Observatory (including WIYN) and Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (including SOAR and SMARTS) as well as community-access time with CHARA and AAT.

This form is now configured for the preparation of proposals for all resources offered by NSF's OIR Lab in 2021B, except Gemini and LBT proposals. All Gemini requests (including Subaru exchange time) must be prepared and submitted with the Gemini Phase-I Tool. All LBT requests must be prepared and submitted with the LBTO Phase-I Tool.

Proposal deadline for the 2021B observing semester (1 Aug 2021 – 31 Jan 2022):

Time remaining until deadline:

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To continue editing an existing 2021B proposal:

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To create a new 2021B proposal or to copy* a proposal:

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* - To copy an existing proposal (from this or past observing semesters), enter a new username and complete the above fields. You will then be prompted for the username/password of the existing proposal after pressing the "Copy a Proposal" button

To view a sample version of the web proposal form:

Click on the button below to enter the sample NSF's OIR Lab web proposal form. This demonstration is recommended for first-time users who wish to view the pages without starting an actual proposal. No changes will be saved.

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