PhAst: develop
PhAst is free and open source software and we encourage users to modify the software in whatever means they desire. To further this goal, we maintain a code repository on the popular site GitHub. If you contact us with your modifications, we may be able to integrate them upstream into PhAst itself. Please provide the appropriate acknowledgements with using code from our repository.


The Git repository for PhAst can be found here. It contains the current working build (which is likely unstable) as well as source for all past releases.

Reporting bugs

Please report all bugs you encounter. Bugs can be reported via the Issues tab on GitHub. Please provide a description of the bug and any steps needed to replicate it. If a particular file is causing a file, please foward it to me for examination.

Modifying PhAst

Want to start modifying PhAst? Appendix C of the manual contains a brief overview of the software's internal structure and pointers on getting started.