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I am a Russell Fellow at Peyton Hall, Princeton University's Astrophysical Sciences Department. I am currently using the NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey (NDWFS) to trace galaxy evolution by measuring the spatial clustering of galaxies over a broad range of redshifts. This work in done in collaboration with Buell Jannuzi, Arjun Dey, Glenn Tiede, Kate Brand and the NDWFS survey team. We have just had an optical and K-band data release of our northern (Bootes) field, it is available at the NDWFS website.

My most recent paper, Red Galaxy Clustering in the NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey (Brown et al. 2003, ApJ, 597, 225), discusses the evolution of large-scale structure at redshifts of z < 0.9. We used the first 6% of the survey to provide strong constraints on the evolution of large-scale structure at intermediate redshifts using galaxies selected by rest-frame colour and luminosity.

During my PhD (University of Melbourne), I worked on The Panoramic Deep Fields, a survey using digital scans of photographic plates. My supervisors for this work were Rachel Webster and Brian Boyle. Each of the two fields had a 40 square degree area and contained 1,000,000 galaxies, allowing studies of galaxy clustering, AGN evolution, AGN environments and galaxy clusters. Click here for a list of Panoramic Deep Fields publications and presentations.

In mid-2000, I completed a survey of 1500 square degrees for very bright (and large) Kuiper Belt objects in collaboration with Scott Sheppard, Chad Trujillo, David Jewitt and Michael Ashley. The Astronomical Journal article describing the survey is online at ADS.

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