Project Warpfire

The Project Warpfire Team:

Tod R. Lauer , PI (NOAO), Marc Postman (STScI), Michael Strauss (Princeton)

Resources Available for the 15,000 km/s Survey:

Brightest Cluster Galaxy Sample: Table 1 of Postman & Lauer (1995). This gives J2000 coordinates, heliocentric galaxy and cluster velocities, and alternate IDs for the BCG sample.

Brightest Cluster Galaxy Frame: Table 1 of Lauer & Postman (1994). This is similar to Table 1 of Postman & Lauer (1995), but the BGC are listed with galactic coordinates, Local Group referenced redshifts, and galactic extinctions.

Brightest Cluster Galaxy Aperture Photometry: Table 3 of Postman & Lauer (1995). Kron-Cousins R-band aperture photometry is given for each BCG as a function of radius. Spacing of the apertures is geometrical - the second aperture is close to the nominal metric radius (the exact location depends on frame choice). B-R colors are also given for most galaxies.

Brightest Cluster Galaxy L-alpha Frame Variations: This is Table 3 of Lauer & Postman (1994). Absolute metric luminosities, alpha, and residuals about the best-fitting L-alpha relationship are given for the CMB, Local Group, and Abell Cluster Inertial Frames.

Refereed Publications: This is the set of papers published by the Warpfire project. Links are given to the ADS database and collection of scanned articles.

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