William Claudius Sewell and Descendants

Left: My great-grandfather William Claudius Sewell (1870-1960) and great-grandmother Sue Bell (Acree) (1869-1935). Right: William and Sue Bell standing with unknown woman. The woman sitting is likely to be Elizabeth Oliver Sewell (1847-1937), William's mother.

Left: Going left to right are Leonidas Livingston Sewell (younger brother of William), Leona Bell (Merical) Sewell (my grandmother, and the wife of William Carswell), unknown woman, William Carswell Sewell (my grandfather and second son of William), William Claudius Sewell, and Sue Bell Sewell. Right: In back, Homer Woodson Sewell (first son of William) and William Carswell Sewell. In front, Leonidas and William Claudius Sewell.

Left: The three Sewell Brothers in 1972, William Carswell, Homer Woodson, and Allen Guy. Right: William Claudius Sewell with his granddaughters through his son William Carswell. Left: Ella Sue (Sewell) Frese, and Jean (Sewell) Lauer (my mother). The picture probably dates from about 1940.

William Carswell Sewell (1896-1980) and Descendants

My grandfather and grandmother Sewell with my mother (Jean) as a little girl.

Left: My grandfather Sewell holding me (Tod R. Lauer) in 1958. Right: An undated photo of my grandparents.

My father (Karl Lee Lauer) and mother (Jean) at my wedding to Beatrice Muller on March 8, 1997.

Homer Woodson Sewell (1894-1974) and Descendants

Left: Homer Woodson Sewell with his wife Hazel Amelia Matthews (1904-1981). Right: Homer Woodson with an unknown man.

Homer Woodson Sewell's family in 1981(?). Standing left to right: Mary Sue (Williams), Doreen Nelda (Montegut), Amie Fay (Chandler), Avis Kay (Rogers), and Ruby Jean (Birdsong). Sitting are Homer Woodson Sewell, Jr. and Hazel Matthews Sewell.

Left: The family of Ruby Jean Birdsong. Right: The family of Avis Kay Rogers. The Rogers family picture was taken on the same ocassion as the family picture above.

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