Theobald Lauer and Descendants

Theobald Lauer (1838-1921), Anna Marie (Schimmel) Lauer (1840-1925), with their first son, Charles Lauer (1862-1920). Theobald and Anna were my great-great grandparents. Theobald emigrated from Bavaria at age 16, to Marietta, Ohio. The Lauers remained in Marietta until the 1920's.

Charles Lauer and Descendants

Left, Charles Lauer (1862-1920) with his wife Abbie (Boothby) Lauer (1872-1961), my great grandparents.

Left, the three oldest children of Charles and Abbie: Arthur, Della, and Mary Ethel. The picture probably dates from 1897. Right, my grandfather Kirtley Lauer in 1908, not quite two years old.

The family of Charles Lauer probably in 1917. Standing in back, daughter Della Luilla (Lauer) Thomas (1896-1979), Charles Lauer, daughter Mary Ethel (Lauer) Hill (1892-1958), seated, son Kirtley William Lauer (1907-1994), Paul Carman Hill (1916-1966), Abbie (Boothby) Lauer, unknown infant, possibly Carol M. (Lauer) Ford (1916-1991), and unknown woman, possibly her mother and Arthur Lauer's wife, Edna May (Grossenbaugh) Lauer. Son Arthur Lauer is not in the picture.
The set of pictures below include the four children of Charles Lauer, as well as Franklin Albert Hill (1892-1949), the future husband of Mary Ethel Lauer. Judging from the age of the little boy, Kirtley (my grandfather), the pictures were probably taken in about 1912. The first picture has all the people identified, who can then be identfied in subsequent photos. The relationships of the non-family members to the Lauer family is not known. Standing left to right: Arthur Lauer, Flossie Kemp, Babe Brooks-Belpre, Frank Hill, Della (Lauer) Thomas, Ella Fordham. Front: Hattie Pryor, Mary Ethel (Lauer) Hill, Kirtley Lauer, Rose Fox.

Frank Hill, Hattie Pryor, Arthur Lauer, and Mary Ethel Lauer.

Mary Ethel (Lauer) Hill with her first son, Paul Hill.

Kirtley Lauer and Descendants