Pass deg for denne mannen--han er steingal! (Dagbladet 3/4/99)

Photo albums:

   Pictures of Subaru for Ricardo
    Machu Picchu:
       Full album
   Christmas 2000
   IAU Symposium 207, "Extragalactic Star Clusters"
   George, Ben, and Knut Go South
   England and Norway '01
   Los Choros
   San Pedro de Atacama
   Honeymoon pictures
   Pictures from Mauna Kea

Tyra arrives!

   Tyra's First Month
   Tyra's Second Month
   Tyra's Third Month
   Tyra's Fourth Month
   Tyra's Fifth Month
   Tyra's Sixth Month
   Tyra's Seventh Month
   Our Trip to Mexico
   Tyra Goes on Christmas Vacation
   Southern Summer, 2006
   March 2006: Tyra's Birthday!
   April 2006
   May 2006
   June and July 2006
   Easter 2007