AAS Special Session Madison 1996

Monday, June 10, 1996, 2:00 - 3:30 pm

            Program for the S.O.N.G. Special Session
     at the Madison Meeting of the American Astronomical Society
                2:00 - 3:30 PM, 10 June 1996

     2:00-2:20   Pierre Demarque     "What can we learn from astero-
                                      seismology of solar type stars?"
     2:20-2:40   Tim Brown           "Where do we stand?"
     2:40-3:00   Sam Barden          "Instrumentation, protocols, and
     3:00-3:30   Panel Discussion    "How do we make it happen?"

The goals of this Special Session at the Madison AAS meeting are

Our goal is to organize a new project and to invite the stellar physics community to participate. This organizational meeting is planned by a steering committee. This particular AAS meeting is appropriate because meetings of the Solar Physics Division of the AAS and of the GONG Project will also take place in conjunction with the Madison meeting. Many of the astronomers who are interested in asteroseismology will already be attending the Madison meeting.

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