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Helmut Abt, Emeritus
B.S. (mathematics), 1946, Northwestern University; M.S. (physics), 1948, Northwestern University; Ph.D. (astronomy), 1952, California Institute of Technology
double stars; stellar rotation; stellar characteristics; publication practices in astronomy
Publications and Preprints

Lori Allen
B.A. (physics), 1985, University of California, Santa Cruz; Ph.D. (astronomy), 1995, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Star and planet formation; infrared astronomy and instrumentation
Publications and Preprints

Michael J. S. Belton, Emeritus
B.S. (honors), 1959, University of St. Andrews, Scotland; Ph.D. (astronomy), 1964, University of California, Berkeley
planetary science; comets; asteroids; Jupiter system
Publications and Preprints

Robert Blum, Deputy Director
Ph.D., 1995, Ohio State University
galactic center; stellar kinematics and mass distribution in the central Milky Way
Publications and Preprints

Todd A. Boroson
B.S. (astronomy), 1976, California Institute of Technology; Ph.D. (astronomy), 1980, University of Arizona
AGN spectra; AGN host galaxy properties
Publications and Preprints

Charles F. Claver
B.S. (astronomy), 1987, University of Texas, Austin; Ph.D. (astronomy), 1994, University of Texas, Austin
stellar Ages; white dwarf structure and evolution; stellar photometry; optical instrumentation
Publications and Preprints

Katia Cunha
B.A. (astronomy), 1983, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; Ph.D. (astronomy), 1993, Observatorio Nacional/MCT
high-resolution spectroscopy; stellar abundances; metallicity gradients and chemical evolution.
Publications and Preprints

David S. De Young
B.A. (physics and general studies), 1962, University of Colorado; Ph.D. (physics and astronomy), 1967, Cornell University
active galaxies; galaxy clusters; galaxy evolution; hydrodynamics; turbulence; non-linear phenomena
Publications and Preprints

Arjun Dey
B.A. (astronomy), 1986, Northwestern University; M.A. (astronomy), 1990, University of California, Berkeley; Ph.D. (astronomy), 1994, University of California, Berkeley
galaxy evolution; high redshift galaxies; large-scale structure
Publications and Preprints

Mark E. Dickinson
B.A. (astronomy), 1984, Princeton University; Ph.D. (astronomy), 1994, University of California, Berkeley
Publications and Preprints

Gregory W. Doppmann
B.A. (astronomy), 1994, University of Texas, Austin; M.A. (astronomy), 1997, University of Texas, Austin; Ph.D. (astronomy), 2002, University of Texas, Austin
young stellar objects; star formation; spectral synthesis modeling; infrared instrumentation
Publications and Preprints

Jonathan H. Elias
B.S. (physics), 1972, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Ph.D. (astronomy), 1978, California Institute of Technology
star formation and evolution; Magellanic Clouds; supernovae
Publications and Preprints

Katy Garmany
B.S. (astrophysics), 1966, Indiana University; M.A. (astrophysics), 1968, University of Virginia; Ph.D. (astronomy), 1971, University of Virginia
massive stars, evolution and formation; astronomical education
Publications and Preprints

Kenneth H. Hinkle
B.S. (physics and astronomy), 1971, University of Virginia; M.A. (astronomy), 1973, University of Texas, Austin; Ph.D. (astronomy), 1978, University of Texas, Austin
circumstellar and interstellar matter; molecular spectroscopy; peculiar stars; instrumentation
Publications and Preprints

Stephen B. Howell
B.S. (physics), 1978, Mount Union College; M.A. (astronomy), 1980, Pennsylvania State; M.A. (physics), 1985, University of Toledo, Ohio; Ph.D. (astrophysics), 1995, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Netherlands
observational studies of interacting binary stars; ultra-high precision photometry, and spectroscopy of odd variables plus CCD instrumentation and theoretical modeling of compact binary evolution
Publications and Preprints

Buell T. Jannuzi, Director, Kitt Peak National Observatory
A.B. (astronomy and astrophysics), 1984, Harvard College; Ph.D. (astronomy), 1990, University of Arizona
observational cosmology; quasar absorption line systems; active galaxies; instrumentation for surveys
Publications and Preprints

Richard R. Joyce
B.A. (physics), 1965, Williams College; Ph.D. (physics), 1970, University of California, Berkeley
late-type stars; mass loss; infrared detector and instrumentation development
Publications and Preprints

Jeyhan S. Kartaltepe
B.A. (physics and astronomy), 2003, Colgate University; M.S. (astronomy), 2005, University of Hawaii; Ph.D. (astronomy), 2009, University of Hawaii
Galaxy formation and evolution; merging and interacting galaxies; infrared and submillimeter galaxies; active galactic nuclei
Publications and Preprints

Thomas Kinman, Emeritus
B.A. (astronomy), 1949, Oxford University; Ph.D. (astronomy), 1953, Oxford University
galactic structure; galactic halo; horizontal branch stars
Publications and Preprints

Patricia M. Knezek
B.A. (astronomy), 1985, University of Texas, Austin; Ph.D. (astronomy), 1993, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
stellar populations; galaxy formation and evolution; star formation in dwarf and low surface brightness galaxies
Publications and Preprints

Tod R. Lauer
B.S. (astronomy), 1979, California Institute of Technology; Ph.D. (astronomy), 1983, University of California, Santa Cruz
cosmology; large-scale structure of the Universe; evolution of the Universe; distance scale; structure of galaxies; dense stellar system; black holes in galactic nuclei; stellar populations
Publications and Preprints

Jennifer Lotz
A.B. (physics and astronomy), 1996, Bryn Mawr College; M.A. (astrophysics), 1999, Johns Hopkins University; Ph.D. (astrophysics), 2002, Johns Hopkins University
galaxy evolution; dwarf galaxies; clusters of galaxies; globular cluster systems; observational cosmology
Publications and Preprints

C. Roger Lynds, Emeritus
B.A. (astronomy), 1952, University of California, Berkeley; Ph.D. (astronomy), 1955, University of California, Berkeley
star and galaxy formation; products of galaxy interaction in the recent and early Universe
Publications and Preprints

Thomas Matheson
A.B. (astronomy and astrophysics), 1989, Harvard University; M.A. (astronomy), 1992, University of California, Berkeley; Ph.D. (astronomy), 2000, University of California, Berkeley
Publications and Preprints

K. Michael Merrill
B.S. (physics), 1969, University of Denver; Ph.D. (astrophysics), 1976, University of California, San Diego
star formation; young stellar objects; interstellar medium; circumstellar envelopes; late stellar evolution; infrared instrumentation; data acquisition and reduction
Publications and Preprints

Kenneth J. Mighell
B.S. (astrophysics), 1982, University of Washington; Drs. (astrophysics), 1985, University of Groningen, Netherlands; Ph.D. (physics and astronomy), 1990, University of Groningen, Netherlands
stellar populations in the Galaxy and nearby galaxies; formation and evolution of Local Group galaxies; astrophysical applications of low-count statistics; Dwarf; spheroidal galaxies; globular clusters; CCD stellar photometry
Publications and Preprints

Joan R. Najita
B.A. (physics), 1985, Harvard University; M.A. (astronomy), 1990, University of California, Berkeley; Ph.D. (astronomy), 1993, University of California, Berkeley
star and planet formation; substellar objects; wide-field surveys
Publications and Preprints

Dara Norman
Ph.D., 1999, University of Washington
gravitational lensing; large scale structure; quasars
Publications and Preprints

Knut Olsen
Ph.D., 1998, University of Washington
stellar populations; galaxy formation and evolution; interaction of stars with the ISM
Publications and Preprints

Stephen M. Pompea
Ph.D. (astrophysics), 1989, University of Arizona
inquiry- and research-based science education; astronomical instrumentation
Publications and Preprints

Alexandra Pope
B.S. (physics), 2002, University of Lethbridge; M.S. (astronomy), 2004, University of British Columbia; Ph.D. (astronomy), 2007, University of British Columbia
Galaxy formation and evolution; submillimetre and infrared galaxies; star formation rates; active galactic nuclei; spectral energy distributions
Publications and Preprints

Ronald G. Probst
B.S. (astrophysics), 1971, Indiana University; M.A. (astronomy), 1976, University of Virginia; Ph.D. (astronomy), 1981, University of Virginia
star-forming regions; low-mass stars; infrared imaging instrumentation
Publications and Preprints

Naveen Reddy
B.S. (physics and astronomy), 2000, University of Texas at Austin; Ph.D. (astrophysics), 2006, California Institute of Technology
galaxy formation and evolution; multi-wavelength star formation rate indicators; stellar populations at high redshift; feedback processes
Publications and Preprints

Stephen T. Ridgway
B.A. (physics), 1965, Carleton College; M.S. (physics), 1966, University of Neuchatel, Switzerland; Ph.D. (physics), 1972, State University of New York, Stony Brook
stars; stellar evolution; high-resolution and infrared observing techniques; terrestrial exo-planets
Publications and Preprints

Abhijit Saha
B.S. (astronomy), 1976, University of Delhi; M.S. (physics), 1978, University of Delhi; Ph.D. (astronomy), 1984, California Institute of Technology
variable stars; stellar populations; cosmological distance scale; imaging and photometry
Publications and Preprints

Richard A. Shaw
B.S. (physics and astronomy), 1982, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana; M.A. (physics and astronomy), 1982, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana; Ph.D. (astronomy), 1985, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
late stages of stellar evolution; planetary nebulae; stellar populations; Magellanic Clouds; astronomical software; astronomy with large data sets
Publications and Preprints

William Sherry
B.S. (physics), 1992, University of Massachusets, Dartmouth; M.S. (astronomy), 1995, Yale University; Ph.D. (astronomy), 2003, SUNY Stony Brook
star formation; young star clusters; protoplanetary disks; evolution of stellar activity
Publications and Preprints

David Silva, Director, NOAO
B.S. (physics), 1984, U. of Arizona; Ph.D. (astronomy), 1991, U. of Michigan
extragalactic stellar populations; elliptical galaxies
Publications and Preprints

Verne Smith, Director, NSSC
B.A. (physics and astronomy), 1976, University of Iowa; Ph.D. (astronomy), 1983, University of Washington
Publications and Preprints

David Sprayberry, Head of Program, NOAO System Technology Center
B.A. (political science), 1975, New College, Florida; B.S. (physics), 1989, University of Oregon; Ph.D. (astronomy), 1994, University of Arizona
instrumentation and observing techniques; galaxy formation and evolution; statistical analysis of galaxy populations, especially dwarf and low surface brightness galaxies
Publications and Preprints

Letizia Stanghellini
Laurea (astronomy), 1983, Bologna University; Ph.D. (astronomy), 1995, University of Illinois
Publications and Preprints

Stephen E. Strom, Emeritus
B.A. (astronomy), 1962, Harvard College; Ph.D. (astronomy), 1964, Harvard College
formation and evolution of planetary systems; origin of stellar angular moment
Publications and Preprints

Francisco Valdes
B.S. (physics), 1974, Harvey Mudd College; Ph.D. (astronomy), 1980, University of California, Berkeley
cosmology; gravitational lensing; stellar spectroscopy; astronomical software
Publications and Preprints

Constance Walker
Ph.D. (astrophysics), 1991, University of Arizona
inquiry- and research-based science education; submillimeter-wave spectroscopy of star formation in galaxies at different epochs
Publications and Preprints

Lloyd Wallace, Emeritus
Ph.D. (astronomy), 1958, University of Michigan
spectroscopy and atmospheric structure of cool stars; molecular spectroscopy
Publications and Preprints

Sidney C. Wolff, Emeritus
B.S. (astronomy), 1962, Carleton College; Ph.D. (astronomy), 1966, University of California, Berkeley
star formation; stellar rotation
Publications and Preprints

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