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NOAO Newsletter - Publications - September 2000 - Number 63

Other NOAO and NSO Papers

Preprints that were not included in the NOAO preprint series but are available from staff members are listed below.

Bertello, L., Varadi, F., Ulrich, R.K., *Henney, C.J. , Kosovichev, A.G., García, R.A., Turck-Chièze, S., "Identification of Solar Acoustic Modes of Low Angular Degree and Low Radial Order"

Dewangan, G.C., Singh, K.P., Szkody, P., *Hoard, D.W., "A New Narrow-line Seyfert 1 Galaxy: RX J1236.9+2656"

González Hernández, I., *Patrón, J., Cortés, T.R., Bogart, R.S., *Hill, F., Rhodes, E.J. Jr., "A Synoptic View of the Subphotospheric Horizontal Velocity Flows in the Sun"

Haisch, K.E. Jr., Lada, E.A., Lada, C.J., "A Near-Infrared L Band Survey of the Young Embedded Cluster NGC 2024"

*Howard, R.F., Sivaraman, K.R., Gupta, S.S., "Measure-ment of Kodaikanal White-Light Images. V. Tilt-Angle and Size Variations of Sunspot"

Knigge, C., Long, K.S., *Hoard, D.W., Szkody, P., Dhillon, V.S., "A Self-Occulting Accretion Disk in the SW Sex Star DW Uma"

*Komm, R. W., Howe, R., Hill, F., "Width and Energy Solar p-Modes Observed by GONG"

Kriss, G.A., *Green, R.F., Brotherton, M., Oegerle, W., Sembach, K.R., Davidsen, A.F., Friedman, S.D., Kaiser, M.E., Zheng, W., Woodgate, B., Jutchings, J., Shull, J.M., York, D.G., "Fuse Observations of Intrinsic Absorption in the Seyfert 1 Galaxy MRK 509"

Peterson, R.C., Terndrup, D.M., Sadler, E.M., *Walker, A.R., "Hot Horizontal Branch Stars in the Galactic Bulge. I."

Szkody, P., Desai, V., Burdullis, T., *Hoard, D.W., Fried, R., Garnavich, P., Gaensicke, B., "The Effects of Superoutbursts on TOADS"

Toomre, J., Christensen-Dalsgaard, J., *Howe, R., Larsen, R.M., Schou, J., Thompson, M.J., "Time Variability of Rotation in Solar Convection Zone from SOI-MDI"

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