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NOAO Newsletter - Central Computer Services - March 2000 - Number 61

NOAO FTP Archives

Jeannette Barnes

The NOAO FTP archives are found at the following FTP addresses. Please log in as "anonymous" and use your e-mail address as the password. Alternate addresses are given in parentheses.

ftp (, cd pub
   SP software and data products--coronal maps, active region lists, sunspot
   numbers, SP Workshop paper templates, meeting information, SP observing
   schedules, NSO observing proposal templates, Radiative Inputs of the Sun 
   to the Earth (RISE) Newsletters and SP newsletters (The Sunspotter).
   The NSO/SP archive can also be reached at

ftp (, cd pub
   Archives for the Gemini 8-m Telescopes Project.

ftp (, cd to:

   catalogs---Jacoby et al. catalog; "A Library of Stellar Spectra"; 
   update to Helen Sawyer Hogg's "Third Catalogue of Variable Stars in 
   Globular Clusters"; "Hipparcos Input Catalogue"; "Lick 
   Northern Proper Motion Program: NPM1"; "Coudé Feed Spectral 
   Library"; "General Catalog of Variable Stars, Volumes I-V 4th ed." 
   and "Name-Lists of Variable Stars Nos.  67-76"; "A Library of
   Medium Resolution Infrared Stellar Spectra".

   ctio (, cd ctio)---CTIO archives---Instrument manuals,
   4-m PF plate catalog, filter library, standard star fluxes. (Nightly 
   mirror of CTIO FTP site.)

   fts (, cd pub/atlas)---Solar FTS high-resolution spectral

   gong (, cd pub/gong)--- GONG helioseismology software and
   data products---velocity, modulation and intensity maps, power spectra.

   iraf ( network archive containing the IRAF 
   distributions, documentation, layered software, and other IRAF related 
   files. It is best to login to directly to download large 
   amounts of data, such as an IRAF distribution.

   kpno ( archive of filter lists and transmission 
   data, CCD and IR detector characteristics, hydra (WIYN) information, 
   4-m PF platelogs, reference documents, and sqiid data reduction scripts.

   kpvt ( VTT solar data products---magnetic field, 
   He I 1083 nm equivalent width, Ca II K­line intensity.

   noao ( of US areacodes and zipcodes, various 
   LaTeX tidbits, report from Gemini WG on the high resolution optical 
   spectrograph, etc.

   nso ( observing forms.

   sn1987a---An Optical Spectrophotometric Atlas of Supernova 1987A in the LMC.

   tex---LaTeX utilities for the AAS and ASP.

   utils---PostScript tools.

   wiyn ( directory tree containing information 
   relating to the WIYN Telescope including information relating to the NOAO 
   science operations on WIYN.

IP numbers for the machines mentioned above:    =    =  =        =   =

Questions may be directed to: Tom Ingerson ( for the CTIO archives, Frank Hill ( for all solar archives, Steve Grandi or Jeannette Barnes ( or for all others.

For further information about NOAO, visit the Web at:

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