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NOAO Newsletter - Director's Office - March 2000 - Number 61

Other NOAO and NSO Papers

Almeida, J.S., Lites, B.W., "Physical Properties of the Solar Magnetic Photosphere under the MISMA Hypothesis. II. Network and Internetwork Fields at the Disk Center"

*Blum, R.D., Conti, P. S., Damineli, A., "The Stellar Content of Obscured Galactic Giant HII Regions II: W42"

Fleming, T.A., *Giampapa, M.S., Schmitt, J.H.M.M., "An X-ray Flare Detected on the M8 Dwarf VB 10"

Graff, D., Gould, A., *Suntzeff, N., Schommer, R.A., Hardy, E., "The Velocity Dispersion of LMC Carbon Stars: Possible Detection of a Kinematically Distinct Population"

Grossmann-Doerth, U., Schussler, M., *Sigwarth, M., Steiner, O., "Strong Stokes V Asymmetries of Photospheric Spectral Lines: What Can They Tell Us About the Magnetic Field Structure?"

*Harvey, K.L., Jones, H.P., Schrijver, C.J., Penn, M.J., "Does Magnetic Flux Submerge at Flux Cancellation Sites? "

Hibbard, J.E., Vacca, W.D., Yun, M.S., "The Distribution of Neutral Hydrogen in Merging Galaxies: Differences between Stellar and Gaseous Tidal Morphologies"

*Howe, R., Christensen-Dalsgaard, J., Hill, F., *Komm, R.W., Larsen, R.M., Schou, J., Thompson, M.J., Toomre, J., "Dynamic Variations at the Base of the Solar Convection Zone"

Kaspi, S., Smith, P.S., Netzer, H., Maoz, D., *Jannuzi, B.T., Giveon, U., "Reverberation Measurements for 17 Quasars and the Size-Mass-Luminosity Relations in Active Galactic Nuclei"

Phillips, K.J., Read, P.D., Gallagher, P.T., Keenan, F.P., Rudawy, P., Rompolt, B., Berlicki, A., Buczylko, A., Diego, F., Barnsley, R., *Smartt, R.N., Pasachoff, J., "SECIS: The Solar Eclipse Coronal Imaging System"

Ramírez, S.V., Sellgren, K., Carr, J. S., Balachandran, S. C., *Blum, R. D., Terndrup, D. M., Steed, A. "Stellar Iron Abundances in the Galactic Center"

Schmitt, H.R., Kinney, A.L., "Jet Directions in Seyfert Galaxies: B and I Imaging Data"

Shine, R.A., *Simon, G.N., Hurlburt, N.E., "Supergranule and Mesogranule Evolution"

*Sigwarth, M.,"Dynamics of Solar Magnetic Fields: A Spectroscopic Investigation"

Stenflo, J.O., Gandorfer, A., *Keller, C.U., "Center-to-Limb Variation of the Enigmatic NaI D1 and D2 Polarization Profiles"

Strous, L.H., Goode, P.R., *Rimmele, T.R., "The Dynamics of the Excitation of Solar Oscillations"

*Wachter, S., Smale, A.P., Bailyn, C., "The Reappearance of the Transient Low Mass X-ray Binary X1658-298"

*Wallace, L., Meyer, M.R., Hinkle, K., Edwards, S., "Near-Infrared Classification Spectroscopy: J-Band Spectra of Fundamental MK Standards"

Willson, R.C., Mordvinov, A., "Time-Frequency Analysis of Total Solar Irradiance Variations"

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