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NOAO Newsletter - Publications - June 2000 - Number 62

Other NOAO and NSO Papers

Preprints that were not included in the NOAO preprint series but are available from staff members are listed below.

Bauer, F.E., Condon, J.J., Thuan, T.X., Broderick, J.J., "RBSC-NVSS Sample. I. Radio and Optical Identifications of a Complete Sample of 1500 Bright X-Ray Sources"

*Beckers, J.M., "Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics: Experiments in Atmospheric Tomography"

Cretton, N., Rix, H.-W., de Zeeuw, P.T., "The Distribution of Stellar Orbits in the Giant Elliptical Galaxy NGC 2320"

Da Costa, G.S., *Armandroff, T.E., Caldwell, N., Seitzer, P., "The Dwarf Spheroidal Companions to M31: WFPC2 Observations of Andromeda II"

Fedchak, J.A., Den Hartog, E.A., Lawler, J.E., Palmeri, P., Quinet, P., Biemont, E., "Experimental and Theoretical Radiative Lifetimes, Branching Fractions, and Oscillator Strengths for Lu I and Experimental Lifetimes for Lu II and Lu III"

Henry, G.W., Baliunas, S.L., Donahue, R.A., *Fekel, F.C., Soon, W., "Photometric and Ca II H and K Spectroscopic Variations in Nearby Sun-Like Stars with Planets III"

Palma, C., Bauer, F.E., Cotton, W.D., Bridle, A.H., Majewski, S.R., Sarazin, C.L., "Multiwavelength Observations of the Second Largest Known FRII Radio Galaxy, NVSS 2147+82"

Quillen, A.C., *Bower, G.A., Stritzinger, M., "A NICMOS Survey of Early-Type Galaxy Centers: The Relation between Core Properties, Gas and Dust Content and Environment"

Sandage, A., Tammann, G.A., *Saha, A., "How Good are SNe Ia as Standard Candles? A Short History"

Savage, B.D., Wakker, B., *Jannuzi, B.T., Bahcall, J.N., Bergeron, J., Boksenberg, A., Hartig, G.F., Kirhakos, S., Murphy, E.M., Sargent, W.L.W., Schenider, D.P., Turnshek, D., Wolfe, A.M., "The Hubble Space Telescope Quasar Absorption Line Key Project XV. Milky Way Absorption Lines"

Sneden, C., Cowan, J.J., Evans, I.I., Fuller, G., Burles, S., Beers, T.C., Lawler, J.E., "Evidence of Multiple r-Process Sites: New Observations of CS 22892-052"

*Wallace, L., Hinkle, K., Livingston, W.C., "An Atlas of Sunspot Umbral Spectra in the Visible from 15,000 to 25,500 cm-1 (3920 to 6664 ) A Monograph"

Wickliffe, M.E., Lawler, J.E., Nave, G., "Atomic Transition Probabilities for DyI and DyII"

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