NOAO Newsletter - June 2000 - Number 62

Cover Image: Gemini South and SOAR Mirrors for Cerro Pachón

Primary mirrors for the Gemini South and SOAR telescopes are on the move. The Gemini South primary mirror was photographed by Peter Michaud (IGPO) on its way up the Tololo Road to Cerro Pachón in mid-March 2000. The primary blank for the SOAR telescope, which will also be located on Cerro Pachón in Chile, is shown here in a photograph (lower right) taken by Victor Krabbendam (NOAO/SOAR Project) in the 8-m facility of Corning Glass Works, Ithaca, New York, on 2 May 2000. Full progress reports on the Gemini and SOAR projects can be found in this issue, in the US Gemini Program and the CTIO sections, respectively.

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Newsletter Posted: 14 Jun 2000