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NOAO Newsletter - December 2009 - Number 100

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A Celebratory Issue!

With this Newsletter we celebrate several milestones. First, we celebrate the establishment of the National Observatory 50 years ago with the dedication of Kitt Peak National Observatory, located on the land of the Tohono O’odham Nation. Second, we celebrate 50 years of open access based on peer review to forefront scientific capabilities, enabling visiting astronomers to make our facilities scientifically productive and to share their results with the community. Third, we celebrate the 100th issue of the NOAO/NSO Newsletter, which began in 1985.

The Editors want to thank all of the individuals who worked very hard to make this unique issue possible. We appreciate the special effort that has gone into researching historical events, finding and scanning images, and soliciting interviews. We hope you will enjoy the many images contained in this issue, including two pages of pictures from the November reunion.

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Posted December 17 2009

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